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The process by which sediment settles out of the water or wind carrying it is
a) compaction b) cementation c) deposition d) erosion
The process in which dissolved minerals crystallize and glue particles of sediment together is
a) compaction b) cementation c) deposition d) erosion
Chalk formed from sediments made of skeletons of microscopic living things in the ocean must be a(n)
a) clastic rock b) organic rock c) chemical rock d) igneous rock
The type of sedimentary rock that forms from grains of sand is
a) chemical b) clastic c) organic d) foliated
The three groups of sedimentary rock are
a) foliated, clastic, and chemical b) organic, chemical and plastic c) clastic, chemical and organic d) foliated, plastic, and organic
Dissolved minerals and particles of sediment stick together to form sedimentary rock in a process called
a) deposition b) compaction c) cementation d) erosion
As layer upon layer of sediments are deposited, the process of ________ presses them together.
a) deposition b) erosion c) cementation d) compaction
Sediments settles out of moving water by the process of
a) erosion b) deposition c) compaction d) cementation
The carrying away of rock fragments by water, wind, or ice is called _________, an important process in the formation of sedimentary rock.
a) erosion b) deposition c) compaction d) cementation
Small solid pieces of material that come from rocks or living things is called
a) pieces b) crystals c) grains d) sediments
Coal is an example of a(n) _________ rock, a sedimentary rock that forms where thick layers of plants and animal remains are deposited.
a) clastic b) organic c) chemical d) foliated
When seas or lakes evaporate, a type of sedimentary rock called a(n) _______ rock can form.
a) clastic b) organic c) chemical d) intrusive
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