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A business that helps someone find a job
a) Dog Pound b) Employment Agency c) Job Center d)
Someone who learns to work from someone else
a) employee b) employer c) apprentice d)
How much you get paid for each hour you work is
a) hourly wage b) pay check c) money d)
You natural talents are
a) benefits b) apptitudes c) articles d)
Items people pay for at a store
a) things b) merchandise c) objects d)
Money one pays you for the time you work
a) pension b) hourly wage c) salary d)
Income you get when you retire
a) pension b) hourly wage c) salary d)
Money one gets paid for the amount they sell is called a
a) salary b) pension c) commission d)
Which is an example of a cost of living expense?
a) Carowinds Ticket b) Car Insurance c) Movie Ticket d)
Who pays for illness and injury if you do not have insurance?
a) boss b) you c) mom or dad d)
11. If you work 40 hours a week and make $6.00 an hour how much would you make in one week.
a) $400.00 b) $240.00 c) $300.00 d)
Which is a short term objective?
a) Pass your test for Ms. Miller b) Buy a car c) Rent an apartment d)
Which is a long-term objective?
a) Get an A on your test for Monday b) Get your driver's license c) Buy a house d)
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