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A muffin recipe calls for 0.75 cups of blueberries. Paul is making 5 batches. He already has 2.5 cups of blueberries. How many more cups does he need?
a) 1.25 cups b) 3.75 cups c) 1 1/2 cups d) 3.25 cups
One of the first helicopters flew at a speed of 44.7 km per hour. At this speed, ABOUT how far could the helcopter travel in 2.75 hours?
a) A little less than 135 km. b) A little more than 135 km. c) 47.45 km d) Exactly 135 km.
The Preisig family planted a garden that was 7.5 feet by 3 feet. What is the area of the garden?
a) 22.5 square feet b) 21 feet c) 10.5 feet d) 21.5 square feet
The student council bought 7 bags of apples for their fall party. Bags of apples were on sale for $3.45 each. How much did they pay for the apples?
a) $24.15 b) $0.49 c) $10.45 d) $23.85
Find the sum of 34.2 and 5.374.
a) 39.574 b) 5.716 c) 185.7908 d) 28.826
Maci has $20 to buy 8 lbs. of candy for a party. The candy costs $2.89 per pound. Does she have enough money to buy the candy?
a) No, she needs more money. b) Yes, she has enough. c) d)
At a clothing store, T-shirts are on sale for $9.97 each. What is the cost for 3 shirts?
a) $3.32 b) $29.91 c) $12.97 d) $27.91
Ruby has $10. She buys a bottle of water for $1.29 and a bracelet for $5.95. How much change will she get back at the register?
a) $2.76 b) $7.24 c) $3.24 d) no change
Candy is on sale 5 pounds for $9.95. Find the unit rate.
a) $1.99 b) $0.50 c) $10.00 d) $5.02
If candy is $4.25 per pound, how much would 3 pounds cost?
a) $1.42 b) $12.75 c) $1.28 d) $0.71
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