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What is a complete set of field entries?
a) file b) record c) table d) entry
Which means sorting from least to greatest?
a) ascending b) descending c) depending d) apprehending
A group of records is a?
a) field b) entry c) file d) category
What is one category of information called?
a) record b) table c) whatever d) field
Information that is entered into the fields in a database is called?
a) entry b) row c) column d) file
What is an organized collection of related information?
a) studio session b) spreadsheet c) database d) google
What is sorting?
a) separating the markers from the crayons b) arranging information in alphabetical or numerical order c) putting poptarts in the toaster instead of the oven d) from greatest to least
What view displays the field names and the types of data?
a) window view b) form view c) design view d) list view
A feature that displays records that meet one or more criteria is?
a) filter b) sorting c) organizing d) I have no clue
Who was one of the suspects from the mystery database?
a) Lolli Pop b) Sherry Wine c) Licorish Stick d) Candy Cane
What is sorting from greatest to least?
a) descending b) ascending c) reverse abc order d) these questions are hard
What program is used to create databases?
a) None of those answers, duh! b) Powerpoint c) Excel d) Word
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