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A set of ordered pairs.
a) Relation b) Function c) Domain d) Range
A rule that assigns to each input exactly one output.
a) Function b) Relation c) Domain d) Range
A function that makes a line when graphed. It has a common difference or constant rate of change (Slope).
a) Linear Function b) Relation c) Function d) Slope
The set of all input values or the x-coordinates of the ordered pairs of a relation.
a) Domain b) Range c) Function d) Relation
The set of all output values or the y-values of the ordered pairs of a relation.
a) Range b) Domain c) Function d) Relation
The set of all the points on a coordinate plane whose coordinates makes the rule of a function true
a) Graph b) Independent variable c) Dependent variable d) Slope
Two lines that cross each other.
a) Intersecting Lines b) Slope c) Function d) Relation
The steepness of a line. This measures how much a line rises vertically given a particular run or horizontal distance.
a) Slope b) Range c) Domain d) Function
The value in a word problem that can be identified with the slope of a graph representing that situation.
a) Constant Rate of Change: b) Unit Rate c) Intersecting Lines d) Independent variable
A comparison of two measurements written as a ratio in which the second term has a value of 1.
a) Unit Rate b) Constant Rate of Change: c) Dependent variable d) Slope
The input variable, graphed on the x axis.
a) Independent Variable b) Dependent variable c) Constant Rate of Change d) Unit Rate
The output variable, graphed on the y axis.
a) Dependent Variable b) Independent variable c) Unit rate d) Constant Rate of Change
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