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This man was sold into slavery by his brothers
a) Jacob b) Joseph c) Esau d) Samuel
An area in western Palestine that included most of present day Israel
a) Canaan b) China c) Japan d) USA
God formed his people during the
a) age of the dinosaurs b) age of aquaris c) age of the Patriarchs d) golden age
This man was able to interpret dreams
a) Jacob b) Benjamin c) Paul d) Joseph
This man was the first patriarch
a) Abraham b) Isaac c) Jacob d) Joseph
Joseph was able to interpret the pharaoh's dream and warned him about the
a) war b) warriors c) famine d) no correct answer given
Sarai's name was changed to
a) Rachael b) Rebekah c) Leah d) Sarah
Faith helps us to
a) to believe in God, and accept all he has revealed b) be brave c) to have courage d) no correct answer given
Angels help God by delivering his messages to people.
a) True b) False c) d)
God's people became known as the
a) heathens b) Israelites c) no correct answer given d)
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