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A land made up of city-states is
a) Canaan b) China c) USA d) Canada
You can read about the Patriarchs in the Book of Exodus.
a) True b) False c) d)
God's plan for and protection for creation is
a) destiny b) perserverance c) determination d) providence
This patriarch's name was changed to Israel
a) Abraham b) Isaac c) Jacob d) Joseph
Isaac was the first patriarch
a) True b) false c) d)
The king of Egypt was known as
a) Pharaoh b) Ra c) Sun King d) Moses
Abraham was once known as
a) Abram b) Charles c) Louis d) no correct answer given
A father, or founder, of a clan, a goup of related people
a) Boss b) king c) patriarch d) no correct answer given
A gift from God that enables us to believe in him
a) faith b) hope c) love d) charity
The quality that enabled Jacob to live his covenant
a) faith b) hope c) love d) perservance
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