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what is an example of a goal according to the FITT principle?
a) increase from 20-30 push-ups b) run more c) eat less d) work out 6 times a week
Which is an example of intensity according to the FITT principle?
a) 23 minutes b) 23 push-ups c) 3-5 days a week d) everyday
according to the FITT principle it is reccomended that you exercise?
a) 3-5 days a week b) 4-6 days a week c) everyday d) twice a week
You get the most benefit from physical activity when you are in your MHR zone?
a) True b) False c) sometimes true d) sometimes false
To calculate MHR you subtract your age from 220?
a) True b) False c) d)
Muscular strength is your muscles max ability to repeatedly generate force?
a) true b) false c) d)
Which of the follwing is not a benefit of cardio-endurance?
a) sends oxygen to muscles b) uptake of oxygen to the muscles c) releases endorphins d) increases abilty to generate force
Which of the follwing tests beneit your muscular strength?
a) pacer b) mile run/walk c) curl-ups d) shuttle
which of the follwing tests benefit your muscular endurance?
a) pacer b) sit and reach c) flexed arm hang d) push-ups
Which of the following tests benefit your Cardio-endurance?
a) pacer b) sit and reach c) push ups d) curl ups
Which answer represents a component of Health related fitness?
a) agility b) balance c) coordination d) Muscular Endurance
what answer represents a component of Skill related fitness
a) Strength b) muscuar endurance c) flexibility d) balance
Which answer does not represent a component of Skill related fitness?
a) balance b) power c) muscular strength d) agility
What is an example of type according to the FITT principle?
a) balance b) coordination c) muscular endurance d) 6 days a week.
which of the following is not a large muscle group?
a) back b) legs c) shoulders d) arms
Osteoperosis is caused by?
a) fraile bones b) loss of bone density c) a benefit of activity d) exercise
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