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__________ is related to a cetain time of the year.
a) seasonal b) advantage c) discount d) brand
______________ is a product type and name
a) brand b) quality c) advantage d) seasonal
____________ is a low or marked-down price
a) discount b) brand c) seasonal d) quality
A _____________ is something you can prove.
a) fact b) opinion c) price d) comparative
____________ is simply a guess
a) estimate b) price c) authorize d) signature
____________ is giving permission
a) authorization b) guess c) estimate d) signature
____________ is a very good deal on something.
a) bargain b) as is c) offer d) flawed
____________ means you can't get your money back
a) as is b) offer c) bargain d) flawed
What does OBO stand for?
a) or best offer b) your best offer c) his best offer d) our best offer
__________ means not perfect
a) flawed b) perfect c) Beautify d) Ugly
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