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What is the control center of the cell?
a) nucleus b) vacuole c) lysosome d) mitochondria
What is NOT located in an animal cell?
a) nucleus b) cytoplasm c) chloroplasts d) cell membrane
What is cytoplasm?
a) breaks down things in the cell b) holds all the water in the cell c) the gel-like fluid in the cell d) the structure that lets things in and out of the cell
The person who first "discovered" cells was
a) Robert Hooke b) Anton Van Leeuwonhoek c) Marie Curie d) Hannah Montana
What part of the plant stores water?
a) the lysosome b) the central vacuole c) the cell membrane d) the nucleus
What is the largest level of organization in the human body?
a) tissue b) organ system c) cell d) organ
What are two things found in a plant cell but not an animal cell?
a) chloroplast & cell wall b) chloroplasts & cell membrane c) cytoplasm & chloroplasts d) nucleus and cell wall
What type of cell would be considered a prokaryote?
a) animal cell b) plant cell c) a jail cell d) bacterial cell
Which one of the following would be an Eukaryotic cell?
a) animal cell b) plant cell c) bacterial cell d) both a & b
A bacterial cell does NOT have:
a) a cell wall b) a nucleus c) a cell membrane d) cytoplasm
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