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Fused collarbones in birds, also known as a wishbone, are called:
a) furculum b) sternum c) ribs d) scapula
Birds do this once or twice a year to shed feathers and replace them with new ones.
a) changing b) metamorphosis c) molting d) preening
Birds are known to survive in virtually all known environments. To which class do they belong?
a) fliers b) aves c) agnatha d) reptiles
Feathers are modified _________ used for flight and conserving body heat.
a) hairs b) skin cells c) nails d) scales
This habit birds practice involves rubbing their feathers with oil using their beaks.
a) molting b) getting ready for a bird date c) grooming d) preening
In mammals, oxygen and nutrients are transferred from the mother’s blood, through the _______, to the blood of the unborn animal.
a) amnion b) placenta c) yolk d) eustachian tube
Most mammal species are ____________, which means that the females carry young in uterus and give birth to live young.
a) monotreme b) viviparous c) oviparous d) marsupial
Female mammals secrete milk from ___________ to feed newborns.
a) mammal glands b) mammary glands c) milk glands d) marsupial glands
An example of a flightless, swimming bird is a
a) penguin b) eagle c) quail d) gull
Which of the following is an example of a perching or songbird?
a) heron b) sparrow c) quail d) penguin
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