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the elaborate network of protein structures throughout the cytoplasm; provides the cell with structure, shape and support
a) cytoskeleton b) cytoplasm c) plasma membrane d) nuclear membrane
the membranous sacs packaged by the golgi apparatus which contain digestive enzymes capable of breaking down “worn-out” cell structures
a) lysosomes b) peroxisomes c) desmosomes d) vacuoles
the membranous sacs responsible for detoxification of poisonous substances; plentiful in the liver and kidneys
a) mitochondria b) lysosomes c) peroxisomes d) secretory vesicles
the protein “packages” that leave the golgi apparatus for transportation to the cell exterior
a) peroxisomes b) secretory vesicles c) vacuoles d) lysosomes
the rod-like cytoplasmic organelles responsible for ATP generation
a) mitochondria b) ribosomes c) golgi apparatus d) chromosomes
the cytoplasmic organelles at which proteins are synthesized
a) golgi bodies b) mitochondria c) peroxisomes d) ribosomes
the substance of a cell other than that of the nucleus and plasma membrane; contains organelles
a) cytoplasm b) secretory vesicles c) mitochondria d) chromatin
the fluid in the cytoplasm that suspends the organelles
a) secretory vesicles b) peroxisomes c) cytosol d) intersitial fluid
Proteins that connect neighboring cells in gap junctions
a) desmosomes b) connexons c) chromosomes d) nucleus
anchoring junctions in adjacent cells; prevent cells from being pulled apart
a) peroxisomes b) chromatin c) chromosomes d) desmosomes
substance that avoids water
a) hydrophobic b) hydrophillic c) peroxisomes d) selectively permeable
substance that is attracted to water
a) hydrophobic b) hydrophilic c) peroxisomes d) selectively permeable
Membrane that encloses cell contents; outer limiting membrane
a) plasma membrane b) vesicles c) golgi apparatus d) ribosomes
“bar-like” bodies of tightly coiled chromatin; visible during cell division
a) mitochondria b) connexons c) desmosomes d) chromosomes
The structures in the nucleus that carry the hereditary factors (genes)
a) nucleoli b) chromatin c) mitochondria d) ribosomes
Small spherical bodies in the cell nucleus; function in ribosome assembly.
a) golgi bodies b) nucleoli c) chromatin d) nuclear envelope
Small “openings” in the nuclear envelope that allow for substances to pass through.
a) chromatin b) mitochondria c) nucleoli d) nuclear pores
a double membrane barrier that surrounds the nucleus, also called the nuclear membrane.
a) nuclear envelope b) plasma membrane c) chromatin d) cytoskeleton
a dense, central body in most cells containing the genetic material of the cell
a) nucleoli b) nucleus c) mitochondria d) vesicle
The nucleoplasm and the cytosol; solution inside of the cell containing small amounts of gases, nutrients and salts dissolved in water.
a) Intracellular fluid b) Interstitial fluid c) osmosis d) cytokinesis
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