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Paragraphs in a report should be:
a) At the left edge. b) Indented using the TAB key c) Doesn't really matter. d) There is no set way to write a paragraph
Title of documents should be keyed in:
a) All Caps b) Lowercase letters c) A combination of lower and upper case letters. d) Doesn't really matter
Amount of blank space BETWEEN lines of text.
a) Single b) Double c) Word Spacing d) Line Spacing
Settings that are already set in the word processor.
a) Default settings b) Line Spacing c) Margins d) Report settings
Amount of blank space around the text and edge of page
a) Setup b) Margins c) Ruler d) Whitespace
Paragraphs of a report.
a) Body b) Words c) Text d) Title
Placing the text on a page that looks good and easy to read.
a) Format b) Margins c) Spacing d) Tabs
Tells what a report is about.
a) Label b) Heading c) Name d) Title
A document that gives facts, ideas or opinions.
a) Letter b) Document c) Report d) Table
Titles of reports should be:
a) Justified b) Left-Aligned c) Center Aligned d) Right Aligned
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