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A(n) __________ is a graphical representation of data.
a) chart b) axis c) legend d) data series
Which of the following chart types is useful for showing relationships among the numeric values in several data series?
a) line b) bar c) scatter d) pie
A chart's title, legend, and plot areas are all examples of chart _________.
a) borders b) type c) data series d) elements
You can change a chart's fill color by clicking the chart area and then clicking _______ on the Format tab.
a) Chart Selection b) Chart Layout c) Format Selection d) Format Layout
What tab would you click if you wanted to change the color of the font used on a chart's vertical axis?
a) Design b) Format c) Home d) Layout
What must be true in order for the Chart Tools to be visible?
a) A chart must be selected b) The Layout tab must be selected c) The Format tab must be selected d) The Design tab must be selected
You can add a(n) _______________ to a chart's plot area by selecting the area and then clicking one of the colored outlines under Shape Styles.
a) axis b) wall c) border d) data series
You can create one of the common _________ types by clicking its image on the Insert tab.
a) picture b) grid c) chart d) worksheet
You can create most ___________, such as column and bar charts, from data that you have arranged in rows or columns in a worksheet.
a) pictures b) charts c) formats d) visual presentations
When you click a chart type in the left pane of the dialog box, the first chart of that type is selected in the _________.
a) left-pane b) Name box c) right-pane d) subtitles
The ____________ is a box that identifies the patterns or colors that are assigned to the data series or categories in a chart.
a) Axis b) Title c) Data labels d) Legend
The __________ is the area bounded by the axes.
a) graph area b) plot area c) chart area d) none of the above
When you create a chart, the chart tools become available and the __________ tab(s) are added to the Ribbon.
a) Design b) Layout c) Format d) all of the above
A __________ displays the chart type name when you rest the mouse pointer over a chart type or chart subtype.
a) QuickTip b) KeyTip c) ScreenTip d) none of the above
___________ charts compare values across categories.
a) Clustered bar b) Stacked bar c) Line bar d) Pie bar
A PivotTable report is especially designed for:
a) querying large amoutns of data in many different ways. b) expanding and collapsing levels of data to filter results c) moving rows to columns or columns to pivot rows to examine different summaries of the data. d) all of the above.
_____________ makes it easy to show a data trend.
a) PivotCharts b) Sparklines c) ChartStyles d) none of the above
Like a PivotTable report, a PivotChart report is ____________.
a) unchangeable b) inactive c) interactive d) unresponsive
Related data markers in a chart are called a __________.
a) data score b) data source c) data scene d) data series
Because a _____________ is a tiny chart embedded in a cell, you can enter text in a cell and use a sparkline as its background.
a) chart b) slicer c) sparkline d) line chart
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