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What was the homeland of the ancient Israelites?
a) Persia b) Canaan c) Indus River Valley d) The Great Salt Basin
What is another name for the Israelites?
a) Hebrews b) Sumerians c) Phoenicians d) Egyptians
What is the belief in many gods?
a) Centrism b) Multitheism c) Monotheism d) Polytheism
Where can a history find evidence of the ancient Israelites and their laws?
a) The Rosetta Stone b) The Torah c) The Triumph of the Arc d) The Scrolls of Tehran
Which culture/group was the first to develop a monotheistic religion?
a) Hebrews/Israelites b) Sumerians c) Egyptians d) Phoenicians
What is the promise called that the Israelites believed God made to them?
a) Torah b) Ten Commandments c) Covenant d) Diaspora
Who was the first leader of the Israelites?
a) Abraham b) Moses c) Hammurabi d) King Menes
Who enslaved the Israelites after they departed Canaan?
a) Sumeria b) Assyria c) Egypt d) Babylonia
Who were religious teachers that the Israelites believed spoke for God?
a) Torah b) Prophets c) Scrolls d) Monotheist
Who drove out the Israelites in 135 AD?
a) Romans b) Egyptians c) Assyrians d) Babylonians
What is the spreading of a group of people throughout the world?
a) Exile b) Diaspora c) Covenant d) Legacy
Who were the masters of trade?
a) Sumerians b) Israelites c) Assyrians d) Phoenicians
What are the set of symbols that represent sounds in a language?
a) Cuneiform b) Pictographs c) Hieroglyphs d) Alphabet
What was a religion that was influenced by Judaism?
a) Islam b) Christianity c) Both d) None
What is a belief in one God called?
a) Monotheism b) Polytheism c) Both d) None
What was a product that could be found in a bazaar in Tyre?
a) Giraffes b) All c) Bears d) Honey
What product of the city of Tyre was made by using snails?
a) Spices b) Dye c) Fuel d) All
What was an advantage of the Phoenician alphabet?
a) It used pictures instead of symbols b) The Sumerians had already been using it for years c) It was easier to use than Cuneiform d) It was in Greek
Which civilization created an alphabet that made trade easier and is an influence on today's language?
a) Israel b) Egypt c) Mesopotamia d) Phoenicia
What is the code of law for the Israelites?
a) Torah b) Ten Commandments c) Judaism d) Diaspora
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