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Which of the folloiwng events starts the world wide depression in 1929?
a) Stock Market Crash b) Russian Revolution c) WWII d) Archduke Ferdinands assassination
Which dictator rises to power in Germany before WWII?
a) Benito Mussolini b) Vladamir Lenin c) Adolf Hitler d) Winston Churchill
Which dictator rises to power in Italy prior to WWII?
a) Joseph Stalin b) Benito Mussolini c) Franklin Rosevelt d) Czar Nicholas II
Which dictator rises to power in the Soviet Union prior to WWII?
a) Josephy Stalin b) Benitio Mussolini c) Adolf Hitler d) Mikhel Gorbachev
Which of the following directly leads to WWII?
a) Russian Revolution b) Stock Market Crash c) Communism d) Treaty of Versailles
What was the name of Hitler's political party?
a) Communist b) Nazi c) Democrats d) Republicans
Why were the Nazi's able to gain power in Germany?
a) They were allies with France. b) They became friends with the Jews. c) Promised to fix the economy. d) Arrested Hitler.
What are payments to countries for losses and damages in war?
a) reparations b) councils c) patriotism d) restrictions
Which group revolted against Czar Nicholas?
a) wealthy b) poor c) religious leaders d) Nazis
Which would not describe life in the trenches during WWI?
a) hunger b) cold c) an abundance of food d) bomb blasts
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