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the act of separating a whole into parts in order to understand that whole.
a) analyze b) cite c) compare d) retell
able to express oneself clearly and well
a) retell b) articulate c) explain d) trace
to quote by way of example, authority, or proof
a) explain b) describe c) cite d) summarize
to examine the character or qualities of especially in order to discover resemblances or differences
a) contrast b) compare c) draw d) evaluate
to grasp the nature, significance, or meaning of; to understand
a) cite b) articulate c) draw d) comprehend
to describe, portray, or set forth with accuracy or in detail
a) delinate b) contrast c) draw d) develop
compare or appraise in respect to differences
a) compare b) contrast c) describe d) explain
to prove or make clear by reasoning or evidence; to illustrate and explain especially with many examples
a) demonstrate b) describe c) explain d) cite
to represent or give an account of in words
a) cite b) explain c) describe d) retell
to find out or come to a decision about by investigation, reasoning, or calculation
a) determine b) explain c) refer d) support
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