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Why does Benvolio want to get out of the streets?
a) He sees Tybalt and wants to hide b) He is afraid a brawl will start c) He thinks he sees Romeo d) He is worried about Mercutio's health
Who kills Mercutio?
a) Benvolio b) Romeo c) Tybalt d) Peter
Who kills Tybalt?
a) Romeo b) Mercutio c) Paris d) Tybalt
What is Romeo's punishment for killing Tybalt?
a) He will be killed b) He is banished from Verona c) Imprisonment d) Torture
What does Juliet give the nurse to pass to Romeo?
a) a note b) a knife c) a ring d) a rose
How does Romeo feel about his banishment?
a) A blessing in disguise b) As a cheap price to pay c) As a fate worse than death d) As a fitting consequence
What does Juliet claim is making the birdcalls they hear?
a) A dove b) A lark c) A nightingale d) A sparrow
How does Juliet react to her arranged marriage to Paris?
a) With obedience b) With horror and anger c) With embarrassment and alarm d) With apathy and sadness
What does the nurse advise Juliet to do?
a) To search for Romeo b) Tell her parents that she loves Romeo c) To forget Romeo and marry Paris d) Ask Friar Lawrence for advice
What does Juliet plan to do if Friar Lawrence cannot help her?
a) marry Paris b) become a nun c) kill herself d) run away
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