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Who was DeWitt Clinton?
a) a writer b) Cherokeee leader c) New York City mayor d) an inventor
Which DOES NOT describe the National Road
a) built with government money b) connected the east coast to the western frontier c) made the use of steam locomotives possible d) reduced travel time
What was a turnpike?
a) interchangeable part in mass production b) road made of clay on top of round logs c) a steam engine that turned machinery in the mills d) sharp sticls that blocked an entrance on a road
What negative effect did the cotton gin have?
a) raised the cost of cotton cloth b) provide mass production of clothing c) increased the need for slave labor d) put cotton mills out of business
How did Francis Lowell contribute to Industrial Revolution?
a) invented the cotton gin b) popularized the use of interchangeable parts c) brought Industrial Revolution from England to America d) Built the first large American factory system
How did Samuel Slater bring Industrial Revolution to U.S.
a) Stole the plans to build a machine and sold them b) Memorized how to build a factory and came to U.S. c) Created his own maching company d) Hired the best machine workers from England
Which of the following does NOT describe the Industrial Revolution
a) increased handmade goods b) rapid change from agricultural to manufacturing economy c) increased use of machines d) increased productions of goods in factories
How did Checks and Balances fail the Cherokee?
a) President Andrew Jackson did not follow the law b) The Supreme Court refused to hear their case c) Congress refused to make a law saying they could stay d) Supreme Court ruled to remove them from their land
What did Chief Justice John Marshall rule in Worcester v Georgia
a) state of Georgia had the right to send Indians west b) Worcester hard to get a preaching license c) the Cherokee had a right to their own land d) the Cherokee were not a nation, just a tribe
Many of the Cherokee tried to live like whites, so whites called them
a) civilized tribe b) nation of Indians c) people of peace d) federation of tribes
Disadvantage of early rail travel
a) boiler explosions were common b) passengers had to walk uphill c) tickets were expensive d) passengers had to shovel coal
How did Sequoyah help his people?
a) resisted moving b) convinced the government they were civilized c) invented the Cherokee alphabet d) became a Supreme Court judge
How did Peter Cooper promote steam power?
a) built the Clermont b) built the Tom Thumb c) built the Cooper Loom d) Built the Talking Leaf
Who marketed the first AMerican steamboat company?
a) Peter Cooper b) Samuel Slater c) Robert Fulton d) Tom Thumb
What were iron horses?
a) steam run cotton milles b) horses that pulled railcars c) early steam engine trains d) horses that pulled stagecoaches
Which DOES NOT describe the Erie Canal
a) engineering marvel built by Irish immigrants b) unsuccessful attemot to contstruct a canal c) 350 miles long man made canal d) a canal connecting Albany, New York, to Lake Erie
What was the Cherokee's first reaction to Sequoyah's alphabet
a) they thought it was witchcraft b) immediately published an English newspaper c) sent a copy to President Jackson d) invited other tries to attend a celebration
What was the forced removal of Cherokee
a) Trail of Tears b) Trail of Broken Promises c) Trail of Cherokee d) Trail of Weeping Children
Why did white settlers want Cherokee land in Georgia
a) gold was discovered b) cotton made gin made raising cotton more profitable c) white settlers did not have to pay taxes on Cherokee land d) Cherokee sold their land in Georgia for pennies
Which two United States senators opposed the removal of the Indians from their land?
a) Henry Clay and Daniel Webster b) Samuel Worcester and Stand Watie c) Andrew Jackson and John Barron d) John Ross and Geoge Lowrey
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