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Newton's first law states that an object must travel at a constant speed and in _______________, unless some outside force compels it to change.
a) a straight line b) a curved path c) a cyclic motion d) a wave-like manner
A change in position of an object is its:
a) motion b) acceleration c) speed d) momentum
What will happen if you drop a golf ball, a baseball, and a bowling ball at the same instant from the top of a tall building?
a) the bowing ball will hit the ground first b) The baseball will hit the ground first c) the golf ball will hit the ground first d) all three balls will hit the ground at the same time.
Mrs. Kensill places two bar magnets on a table. She slowly slides one magnet closer to the second. Eventually, the second magnet begins to move away from the first. What can she conclude about the repulsive force between the magnets?
a) The force increases with increasing distance between the magnets b) The force increases with decreasing distance between the magnets. c) The force is unaffected by the distance between the magnets. d) There is no force between the magnets.
Which statement below about gravitational attraction is true?
a) Bravitational attraction increases as distance beteen objects increases b) Gravitational attraction decreases as distance between objects increases c) Gravitational attraction increases as the mass of the objects decreases d) Gravitational attraction is unaffected by mass or distance between objects
if a force of 10 newtons acts on an object and an additional force of 6 newtons acts in the SAME direction, what will be the net force on the object?
a) 16 newtons b) 4 newtons c) 6 newtons d) 60 newtons
The force that prevents a ball rolling on the ground from continuing on its path forever is:
a) inertia b) momentum c) friction d) kinetic energy
friction is a ________________.
a) form of gravity b) form of energy c) force d) form of matter
Which equation below represents Newton's second law of motion?
a) W = F X D b) F = m X a c) d = m/v d) F = m/a
According to Newton's second law of motion, what two factors does the acceleration of an object depend?
a) the velocity of the object and the amount of force applied to it b) the mass and weight of the object c) the mass of the object and the amount of force applied to it d) the speed and direction that the object is moving
The overall force acting on an object after all forces are combined is called the:
a) unbalanced force b) balanced force c) net force d) air force
When two magnets are brought close to each other, they repel each other. What can be concluded about these magnets?
a) The magnets have been demagnetized b) the magnets were wet c) A north pole and a south pole were brought together d) EITHER TWO NORTH POLES OR TWO SOUTH POLES WERE BROUGHT TOGETHER.
The speed and direction of an object's motion is its _____________
a) momentum b) inertia c) velosity d) mass
Mr. Swank is in a stationary boat on the lake. He is reeling in a fish at 2 ft per sec. The fish is swimming away at 1.5 ft per sec. The speed at which the fish moves toward Mr. Swank is:
a) .5 foot per second b) 1.5 feet per second c) 2 feet per second d) 2.5 feet per second
Which statement is true about magnetic poles?
a) like poles attract b) like poles artn't possible c) opposite poles repel d) opposite poles attract
The gravitational attraction between two objects depends on the distance between the objects and their:
a) magnetic attraction b) volumes c) masses d) momentum
If no force acts on a moving object, _____________
a) It will stop b) it will slow down c) it will change direction d) it will keep moving in the same direction
What does Newton's third law of motion state?
a) If you push something hard enough, it will fall over. b) For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction c) Force equals mass time acceleration d) An object in motion will remain in motion unless acted upon by another object.
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