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Hardware connected together to create a global system of interconnected computer networks
a) internet b) network c) file d)
A group of computers that can communicate, or talk with one another
a) file b) network c) World Wide Web d)
Collection of files linked by hyperlinks and URLs
a) internet b) network c) World Wide Web d)
Basic component of a web page, usually a text document ( .doc .htm .html)
a) network b) file c) internet d)
A group of related files organized around a related topic
a) web site b) file c) site map d)
A single file within a website, which has a unique name
a) file b) site map c) web page d)
Allows the user to surf, or move from one web page to another
a) web browser b) web page c) user interface d)
How you interact with a computer or computer program
a) web browser b) user interface c) site map d)
Buttons in a web browser that allow you to move back a page and forward a page
a) navigation buttons b) menu buttons c) refresh button d)
Toolbar that allows you to save your most visited web pages for easy access
a) menu bar b) bookmarks/favorite bar c) address bar d)
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