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Mary's Miracle: A story of a young woman who survived living during the Civil War.
a) Historical Fiction b) Fantasy c) Nonfiction d) Fable
Harriet's Magic Beans: A story of the magical places a girl can travel by planting a bean and climbing the beanstalk.
a) Nonfiction b) Fantasy c) Fable d) Folktale
The Move: Mike comes home from school one day to find out that his family is moving.
a) Realistic Fiction b) Science Fiction c) Fantasy d) Myth
Who Did it?: A story of a detective trying to find who took a missing pet.
a) Mystery b) almanac c) Myth d) Fable
The World's Largest Book of Maps: A collection of every kind of map you can imagine!
a) Atlas b) Drama c) Textbook d) Biography
Stories of the Greeks: A collection of ancient tales that tell how the world was created.
a) Myth b) Legend c) Poetry d) Drama
The Lazy Hippo: A hippo learns that he should do his own work and not ask his friends to do it for him.
a) Fable b) Fantasy c) Myth d) Realistic Fiction
The Gate Keeper: In the year 3000 a company has developed a new way to allow people to travel from one place to another instantly.
a) Science Fiction b) Realistic Fiction c) Nonfiction d) Mystery
The True Story of Abraham Lincoln
a) Biography b) Autobiography c) Realisit Fiction d) Fantasy
The Best Book to Act Out: A collection of plays to perform with your friends!
a) Drama b) Fantasy c) Fable d) Myth
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