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A plane in which a horizontal number line and a vertical number line intersect at their zero points
a) Coordinate Plane b) x-axis c) y-axis d) Coefficient
the horizontal number line
a) x-axis b) y-axis c) origin d) point
The vertical number line
a) x-axis b) y-axis c) origin d) point
The number of square units needed to cover the inside surface of a geometric figure. A =L x W
a) Perimeter b) Base c) Volume d) Area
The distance around any closed figure. P = L + W + L + W
a) Area b) Perimeter c) Volume d) Square footage
a letter or symbol that stands for a number.
a) Variable b) Coefficient c) Integer d) Exponent
A number beside a variable, EX: 3n
a) Exponent b) Perfect Square c) Square Root d) Coefficient
The number of times the base is used as a factor.
a) Variable b) Integer c) Exponent d) Square Root
In a power, the number used as a factor.
a) Exponent b) Base c) Integer d) Variable
Any whole number squared is a . . .
a) Perfect Square b) Square Root c) Vairable d) Base
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