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NO3 -
a) nitrate b) nitrite c) ammonium d) acetate
NH4 +
a) nitrite b) carbonate c) ammonium d) nitrate
PO3 3-
a) phosphate b) phosphite c) sulfate d) sulfite
NO2 -
a) nitrite b) nitrate c) ammonium d) acetate
C2H3O2 -
a) ammonium b) acetate c) sulfhate d) phosphate
OH -
a) flouride b) oxide c) hydroxide d) sulfide
SO4 -2
a) sulfite b) nitrate c) sulfate d) carbonate
CO3 -2
a) carbonate b) accetate c) ammonium d) sulfate
SO3 -2
a) nitrite b) phosphite c) sulfite d) carbonite
PO3 -3
a) phosphite b) sulfite c) nitrite d) phosphate
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