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Which Nordic country is an island?
a) Denmark b) Iceland c) Finland d) Sweden
The statue of the Little Mermaid is a famous attraction ins what country?
a) Denmark b) Norway c) Finland d) Sweden
Which Nordic country is a land of hot springs and geysers?
a) Denmark b) Iceland c) Finland d) Sweden
A spring that shoots hot water and steam into the air is a _________.
a) fjord b) sauna c) geyser d) gorge
In Iceland, people heat houses, buildings, and swimming pools using
a) geothermal energy b) oil and natural gas c) electricity d) hydroelectric power
The ancestors of many of the people of Finland came from ______.
a) Vietnam b) Sweden c) Siberia d) Iceland
Which country is a welfare state?
a) Norway b) Finland c) Denmark d) Sweden
This country is one of the world's largest oil exporters.
a) Switzerland b) Norway c) Denmark d) Sweden
Oslo is the capital of __________.
a) Sweden b) Iceland c) Norway d) Denmark
The people of Denmark are called ________.
a) Dutch b) Danes c) Vikings d) Denmarkians
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