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Garments shown in a designer's or apparel manufacturer's specific season presentation is called ______________.
a) Collection b) Line c) Knockoffs d) Brand
Made-to-order for the client
a) Logo b) License c) Knockoff d) Custom-Made
The idea that, in customer's minds, the items stand out from others, usually because of image and quality.
a) Ready to Wear b) Perceived Difference c) Designer Patterns d) Brand
These are reproduced and featured in pattern catalogs at fabric stores where the patterns are sold.
a) Collection b) Fashion Piracy c) Designer Patterns d) Line
Refers to garments, especially women's apparel, produced in factories according to standard sizes, as opposed to being individually custom-made.
a) Knockoffs b) Ready-to-Wear c) Franchising d) Designer Patterns
Small retail shops owned by designers.
a) Franchising b) Designer Patterns c) Couture d) House Boutiques
Secondary lines of well-known designers.
a) Collection b) Bridge Lines c) Line d) Couture
A legal arrangement whereby manufacturers are granted the exclusive right to produce and market goods that bear the famous name of a designer.
a) Licensing b) Logo c) Perceived Difference d) Knockoffs
Contract arrangement in which the designer grants a retailer the right to use his or her famous name and trademarked goods within a particular trading area.
a) Franchising b) Collection c) Line d) Licensing
A group of styles and designs that are produce and sold as a set of new selections for a given season.
a) Collection b) Line c) Design d) Pattern
Direct line-for-line duplicates of designs, usually of higher priced garments or accessories
a) Perceived Difference b) Couture c) Knockoffs d) Logo
Stealing of design ideas without the permission of the originator
a) Logo b) Competition c) Knockoffs d) Fashion Piracy
A symbol that represents a person, firm or organization.
a) Slogan b) Logo c) Line d) Collection
Designer price level, this market provides original, high priced fashions for the tiny class market
a) Budget b) Economy c) Couture d) Collection
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