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When continental crusts move toward each other, it is called a ___________ boundary
a) Convergent b) Divergent c) Transform d) Subduction Zone
Where the oceanic crust slides under the continental crust is called a ____________________.
a) Convection Current b) Divergent Boundary c) Subduction Zone d) New Crust
The SanAndreas Fault is an example of a _________________.
a) Earthquake b) Transform Boundary c) Convergent Boundary d) Divergent Boundary
At Divergent Boundaries _______________ is formed.
a) Currents b) Mountains c) New Crust d) Fault
The divergent boundary is also known as the ______________________.
a) Sea Mount b) Mid Ocean Ridge c) Continental Slope d) Volcanic Island
Crust is destroyed at the ____________________.
a) Crust b) Island c) Subduction Zone d) Mid Ocean Ridge
The flat land in the ocean is known as the ___________________.
a) Trench b) Continental Shelf c) Seamount d) Abyssal Plain
The plates move because of ___________________.
a) Convection currents b) Convergent boundaries c) Magma d) vocanoes
New crust is formed at which boundary?
a) Transform b) Convergent c) Divergent d) Subduction
The heating and cooling of magma is called________________.
a) Convection current b) Earthquake c) Volcano d) New crust
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