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safe and sound
a) unhurt b) worried c) snoring loudly d) waiting patiently
pulling your leg
a) teasing b) running c) yanking d) growing
cracks the case
a) solves a crime b) eats a peanut c) opens a briefcase d) closes a file cabinet
chows down
a) eats a lot b) sits down c) cooks food d) eats very little
faces the music
a) takes responsibility for her actions b) plays music c) listens to the radio d) turns her face to her mother
a) a large meal b) a planned picnic c) a birthday celebration d) an expensive restaurant
a) spread b) lined c) dried d) faded
a) destroyed b) moved c) changed d) extended
a) list of arival and departure times b) map of train routs c) report on train conditions d) checklist for train functions
a) place where an artist works b) a school for artists c) a place where artists take classes d) a place where artists can sell their work
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