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point where two lines meet to form an angle
a) end point b) coordinate c) vertex d) apex
a quadrilateral with one pair of parallel sides
a) trapezoid b) parallelogram c) square d) hexagon
an angle measuring more than 180 degrees
a) reflex b) obtuse c) acute d) right
a quadrilateral with two pairs of parallel sides
a) kite b) trapezoid c) parallelogram d) pentagon
an angle measuring greater than 90 degrees, but less than 180 degrees
a) reflex b) obtuse c) acute d) right
an angle measuring exactly 90 degrees
a) obtuse b) reflex c) acute d) right
a four sided polygon
a) hexagon b) quadrilateral c) pentagon d) octagon
a five sided polygon
a) decagon b) octagon c) hexagon d) pentagon
a six sided polygon
a) octagon b) pentagon c) hexagon d) heptagon
an eight sided polygon
a) octagon b) pentagon c) hexagon d) decagon
an angle measuring less than 90 degrees
a) reflex b) obtuse c) right d) acute
lines that are always the same distance apart, and never intersect
a) arc b) reflex c) perpendicular d) parallel
lines that intersect to form four right angles
a) perpendicular b) parallel c) horizontal d) vertical
a polygon in which all sides are the same length, and all angles have the same measure
a) scalene polygon b) irregular polygon c) regular polygon d) semi-regular polygon
having exactly the same size and shape
a) perpendicular b) congruent c) parallel d) obtuse
a closed figure, made up of straight sides that do not overlap
a) circle b) ray c) angle d) polygon
A triangle with one angle measuring 90 degrees
a) right b) isosceles c) scalene d) equilateral
A triangle in which two sides are of equal length, and two angles have the same measure
a) scalene b) equilateral c) isosceles d) right
A triangle in which all three sides have different lengths, and all three angles have different measures
a) right b) equilateral c) scalene d) isosceles
A triangle with three sides of equal length, and three angles of equal measures
a) equilateral b) scalene c) right d) isosceles
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