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which page number option allows you to keep your previous header or footer and insert the page number
a) current position b) top of page c) bottom of page d) keep formatting
you can make your first page header different from your second page header without insert a section break
a) true b) false c) d)
which of the following can you not do in header and footer tools?
a) insert a page break b) insert a picture c) position the header d) navigate between headers and footers
there is more than one way to access your header
a) true b) false c) d)
text that appears at the top of every page
a) header b) footer c) margin d) indent
what is the name of the contextual tab for headers and footers
a) header and footer tools b) header c) footer d) header layout
Which button in the header footer tools tab do you select to allow for multiple headers in multiple sections?
a) unlink to previous b) disconnect c) section break d) continuous
which of the following allows you to put multiple headers on multiple pages?
a) section break b) page break c) header and footer tools d) design
which tab allows you to put the date and time in your paper?
a) insert b) page layout c) view d) review
text or graphic that when clicked, opens another page or file
a) hyperlink b) unlink to previous c) gap d) director
which of the following can you not link to with a hyperlink?
a) your desktop b) microsoft word document c) internet d) another place in your document
page numbers and date and time can both be inserted under the insert and header and footer tools tabs
a) true b) false c) maybe d) dunno
blank spaces at the top, bottom, left, and right of a page
a) margins b) indents c) layouts d) breaks
section and page breaks are found under which tab and group?
a) page layout, page setup b) home,font c) insert,characters d) home,paragraph
a page break splits your document into 2 parts so you can format your headers differently
a) false b) true c) d)
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