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An instrument used to measure temperature
a) thermometer b) barometer c) psycrometer d) no correct answer given
water that falls from clouds
a) condensation b) precipitation c) evaporation d) water vapor
Air is a
a) liquid b) solid c) gas d) no correct answer given
Winds are caused by differences in
a) wind speed b) temperatures c) people d) air pressure
The reflection of light in all directions is called
a) scattering b) prism c) infrared radiation d) visible light
The temperature at which water condenses begins at
a) 0 degrees celsius b) 5 degrees celsius c) dew point d) 78 degrees celsius
Visible light is a mixture of all colors in a rainbow
a) true b) false c) no correct answer given d)
A form of energy with wavelengths longer than red light
a) infrared radiation b) ultraviolet radiation c) radiation d) no correct answer given
To form clouds, air is cooled to its dew point and
a) snow is present b) water vapor is present c) particles in air are present d) no correct answer is given
Conduction, convection and _____ are ways heat is transferred
a) radiation b) convection currents c) wind d) no correct answer given
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