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What caused Americans to decide to move westward in the 1800's?
a) they didn't like where they lived b) to find more land c) they wanted to find silver d)
_____________ is the development and use of scientific knowledge to solve practical problems
a) technology b) urban c) rural d)
In a(n) _________________ area, people live in cities
a) urban b) rural c) crowded d)
In a _____________ area, people live in small towns or farms
a) urban b) rural c) d)
A ___________ is something that a person must have to live.
a) want b) barter c) need d)
A ____________ is something that a person would like to have, but can live without.
a) need b) barter c) want d)
To _____________ is to trade one kind of goods or service for another.
a) barter b) want c) need d)
People who make goods or products to sell are called ____________
a) producers b) consumers c) d)
A person who buys goods or services is a ___________
a) producer b) consumer c) economy d)
An ______________ is the resources of a country, state, region, or community and how the resources are managed.
a) free enterprise system b) economy c) profit d)
A ____________ is the money a business person has left over after all the costs of the business are paid.
a) demand b) profit c) supply d)
The quantity of an item that consumers are willing to buy at different prices is the ____________
a) profit b) supply c) demand d)
The quantity of an item that sellers are willing to offer at different prices is called the ___________.
a) supply b) demand c) profit d)
_____________- is the moving of goods, people, or animals from one place to another
a) interdependent b) transportation c) profit d)
_____________ of businesses means that goods are produced using resources, raw materials, and services from several countries.
a) transportation b) interdependence c) globalization d)
______________ is the way that people send and receive information
a) transportation b) globalization c) communication d)
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