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pH of 3 is
a) acidic b) basic c) neutral d) alkaline
What do enzymes do?
a) slow down the rate of a reaction b) used up during a reaction c) speeds up the rate of the reaction d) changes during the reaction
What vitamin is necessary for bone formation?
a) A b) C c) D d) K
What type of molecule is glucose?
a) nucleotide b) monosaccharide c) protein d) lipid
Organic means it contains
a) carbon b) hydrogen c) oxygen d) nitrogen
Which is not organic?
a) protein b) carbs c) minerals d) vitamins
Which of these is known for having cohesion and solubility?
a) vitamins b) water c) minerals d) proein
Amino acids form
a) lipids b) proteins c) nucleic acids d) carbs
Which carb stores energy in plants?
a) starch b) phospholipids c) glycogen d) proteins
Which of the following is a base?
a) 2 b) 6 c) 7 d) 10
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