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Producer with 1 to many cells. Cell wall and nucleus are present. Cannot move
a) Plants b) Fungi c) Animal d) Protist
Consumers with 1 to many cells. Have nucleus and cell wall. Cannot move
a) Plant b) fungi c) animal d) monera
consumers with many cells, nucleus is present but no cell wall. Nearly all can move
a) plant b) fungi c) animal d) monera
Single cell producer or consumer. Most can move. Have nucleus
a) Plant b) animal c) monera d) protist
Some producers and some consumers with single cell. No nucleus and cannot move.
a) Monera b) Protist c) animal d) fungi
What is the correct order for classifying an organism
a) Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Family, Order, Genus, Species b) Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species c) Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Species, Genus d) Kingdom, Phylum, Order, Class, Family, Genus, Species
What 2 divisions are used for writing a scientific name?
a) Kindgom Phylum b) Class Order c) Genus species d) Family species
Which scientific name is writen correctly?
a) homo sapien b) Homo sapien (in italics) c) Homo Sapien (in italics) d) HOMO SAPIEN (underlined)
What is the correct order for Incomplete Metamorphosis?
a) Egg, pupa, adult b) egg, pupa, larva, nymph, adult c) egg, nymph, adult d) Larva, nymph, adult
What is the correct order for Complete Metamorphosis and a correct insect?
a) Egg, Larva, pupa, adult- Butterfly b) Egg, larva, nymph, adult- Butterfly c) Egg, pupa, nymph, adult- Grasshopper d) Egg, Larva, pupa, adult- Grasshopper
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