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God showed his mercy by
a) promising a savior b) killing Adam and Eve for their sin c) garden d) soul
Stewardship involves responsibility and
a) caring b) faithfullness c) hope d) authority
Symbolizes that men and women are created equally
a) soul b) God's creation of woman from man's rib c) breathe of life d) freedom
A thought, word, deed, or omission against God's law
a) garden b) devil c) sin d) no correct answer given
The soul is immortal; it will never die
a) True b) false c) no correct answer given d)
The breathe of life from God is our
a) heart b) lungs c) soul d) no correct answer given
Eating the fruit symbolizes
a) friendship b) garden c) choice d) free will
The first humans always obeyed God
a) true b) false c) no correct answer given d)
Symbolizes happiness humans had in the prescence of God
a) fruit b) choice c) garden d) serpent
The serpent symbolizes
a) the devil b) free will c) choice d) Adam
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