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It rained for three days. The streets in my neighborhood flooded.
a) nor b) but c) for d) so
I got to ball practice late. I forgot to set my alarm
a) for b) but c) and d) yet
Kyle completed his homework. He put it in his binder.
a) for b) but c) and d) so
Luke mowed the lawn. He earned ten dollars.
a) for b) and c) but d) or
I stayed up late last night. I am tired today.
a) so b) for c) and d) nor
Neil doesn't like seafood. He doesn't like cabbage
a) for b) and c) nor d) but
My pencil was broken. I borrowed one from Jake.
a) but b) or c) yet d) so
I like apples. I like pears more.
a) and b) nor c) but d) or
Eight people got into the elevator. It was crowded. Three people got off.
a) and, so b) but, so c) but, yet d) nor, and
Georgia gathered the pictures. She could arrange them in a special album for her family.
a) so b) yet c) or d) but
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