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What happens to molecules when they are heated?
a) Spread out, get closer and gain energy b) Get closer together, lose energy and move slower c) Spread out, move faster and gain energy d) Lose energy, get closer together and speed up
What is an example of a chemical change?
a) Wire being bent b) Water freezing c) Wood being cut d) Bread is baked
What property stays the same during physical and chemical changes
a) Density b) Shape c) Mass d) Arrangement of molecules
Which is NOT an indicator that a physical change has occurred?
a) Change in shape b) Change of temperature c) Change in color d) Formation of a precipitate
Which is not an indicator that a chemical change has occurred?
a) Change in temperature b) Change in shape c) Change in odor d) Change in energy
All of these are examples of matter EXCEPT...
a) Paper b) Football c) Light d) Stars
Which change can be reversed?
a) Physical change b) Chemical change c) Both and physical and chemical change d) Neither a physical or chemical change
Viscosity of a substance is a measurement of a fluid's
a) resistance to flow b) adhesive forces c) buoyancy d) kinetic theory of matter
Which of the following is NOT a chemical property?
a) Flammability b) Reactivity c) Thermal Conductivity d) None of the above.
To calculate the density of an object you must divide ________ by it's _________
a) volume, mass b) mass, volume c) mass, length d) width, volume
Which of the following is NOT a physical property?
a) Mallebility b) Solubility c) Thermal Conductivity d) Flammability
A substance changing from a solid to a gas.
a) Condensation b) Evaporation c) Sublimation d) Melting
Ice cream melting
a) Physical change b) Chemical change c) d)
Condensation is when
a) A gas changes to a liquid b) A liquid changes to a gas c) A solid to a liquid d) A solid to a gas
Sublimation is
a) Gas to a liquid b) Gas to a solid c) Liquid to a gas d) A solid to a gas
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