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What Italian city is the setting of Romeo and Juliet?
a) Paris b) Rome c) Verona d) Sicily
The street fight in the opening scene is between the servants of what two families?
a) Capulets and Montagues b) Smith and Jones c) Hatfields and McCoys d) Mercutio and Benvolio
Benvolio tries to stop the fight. Who attacks him?
a) The Prince b) Tybalt c) Romeo d) Lord Capulet
What does the Prince say will happen to anyone who disturbs the peace?
a) Banishment b) arrested c) Execution d) Pay a fine
How does Benvolio plan to cure Romeo's lovesickness for Rosaline?
a) He will show Romeo other, more beautiful girls b) Take Romeo on vacation c) He will read Romeo some poetry d) He will throw a party for Romeo
How many children does Lord Capulet have?
a) 4 b) 3 c) 2 d) 1
Who is the young man that asks Capulet's permission to woo Juliet?
a) Tybalt b) Benvolio c) Paris d) Prince Eschalus
Who tells Juliet that the man mentioned in #7 would be a good husband?
a) Juliet's mother b) Juliet's nurse c) Juliet's father d) Romeo
Who wants to attack Romeo at the Capulets' masked ball?
a) Juliet's nurse b) Juliet's father c) Tybalt d) Paris
After Romeo and Juliet have fallen in love at first sight, who tells each of them the other's identity?
a) Benvolio tells Romeo, Juliet's nurse tells Juliet b) Juliet's nurse tells them both c) Tybalt tells them both d) Lord Capulet tells them both
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