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The importance of Zora Neale Hurston's writing was not recognized at the time she first published her novels, plays, and short stories. Her influence as a writer has passed subtly and softly, like a ____ or gentle breeze.
a) zealous b) stamina c) reactionary d) zephyr
Some people accused Hurston of having ____ ideas when she opposed the desegration ruling in 1954, but she was not advocating a return to an earlier policy. She was not an extreme conservative opposed to change.
a) qualm b) opportune c) reactionary d) impediment
Hurston did not need to completely ____, or make up, the characters for her stories. She found inspiration for her characters in the lives of the people she knew.
a) mediocre b) fabricate c) aura d) stamina
From the love and humor shown in her writing, a reader probably imagines Zora Neale Hurston as having had an air, or ____, of pleasantness about her.
a) aura b) fabricate c) impediment d) zephyr
Hurston felt that the Supreme Court ruling implied that African Americans were inferior. Older African American writers criticized her, a real test of her endurance, but she had the ____ to not back down.
a) zealous b) stamina c) opportune d) impediment
Hurston not leth aving to work hard at low-paying jobs be an ____ to getting an education. She overcame all obstacles and attended Howard University and Barnard College.
a) impediment b) aura c) qualm d) zealous
Hurston may have had ____ about moving from a small town in Florida to New York City. It is natural to feel slightly doubtful and uneasy when facing a major change in your life and surroundings.
a) auras b) zephyrs c) qualms d) impediments
After Hurston studied anthropology in college, she was ____ about recording the folklore and cultre of African Americans in the South. Her great enthusiasm led her to publish her first novel.
a) opportune b) zealous c) reactionary d) mediocre
Unfortunately the time in which Hurston wrote was not an ____ one for African American writers. There was very little interest in literature about black families and folklore, and thus her literary career did not blossom.
a) opportune b) aura c) impediment d) reactionary
There is variety in Hurston's writing, and none of her writing is ____. There is nothing average about it.
a) zealous b) qualm c) stamina d) mediocre
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