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Which of these is not a term for the South?
a) Rebels b) Confederates c) Yankees d) Gray
What were two causes of the Civil War?
a) Money and import rights b) Slavery and State's rights c) Slavery and Presidential term limits d) State's rights and border disputes with Canada
When did General Lee surrender?
a) April 9, 1865 b) April 11,1865 c) April 9,1863 d) January 31, 1865
On January 31,1865 what was passed by Congress?
a) The surrender of the Confederates was approved b) Thirteenth Amendment was passed c) Lincoln was reelected and approved d) General Grant was hired
What was the date of Pickett's Charge?
a) June 3, 1864 b) June 3, 1863 c) July 3, 1863 d) July 1, 1863
In what years did the Civil War start and end?
a) 1775 - 1776 b) 1839 - 1851 c) 1859 - 1860 d) 1861 - 1865
Which of these men was not a Confederate General?
a) Robert E. Lee b) George McClellan c) Lewis Armistead d) Stonewall Jackson
Who was the Confederate President during the Civil War?
a) Abraham Lincoln b) Jefferson Davis c) Robert E. Lee d) Lewis Armistead
Which of these men was a Union General?
a) General Meade b) Stonewall Jackson c) Robert E. Lee d) Lewis Armistead
Which of these states was a Union state?
a) Texas b) Vermont c) Arkansas d) North Caroinai
Who was the U.S. President during the Civil War?
a) Abraham Lincoln b) George Washington c) Thomas Jefferson d) Ulysses S. Grant
Which of these states was not a Confederate state?
a) Tennessee b) Texas c) Georgia d) Indiana
In which state was the Confederate capital?
a) Pennsylvania b) Florida c) Virginia d) Ohio
In the story Soldier's Heart, which state was Charley from?
a) Minnesota b) Texas c) Virginia d) New York
Which of these states was not a Union State?
a) Missouri b) New York c) Alabama d) Michigan
What terms refer to the North?
a) Rebels and Confederates b) Southern Rebs c) Yankees and Union d) Men of J. Davis
Which of the following was not a weapon used in the Civil War?
a) Cannons b) Muskets c) Hand grenades d) Bayonets
How many days did the Battle of Gettysburg last?
a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4
Which of these Northern states is closest to Arkansas?
a) Wisconsin b) Missouri c) Maine d) Ohio
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