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What is the large desert found the North of China?
a) Mojave b) Gobi c) Sahara d) Qin
Who are a series of rulers that come from the same family?
a) Dynasty b) Monarchy c) Emperors d) Oligarchy
What was the canal that linked the Huang and Chang Rivers?
a) Panama b) Great c) Grand d) Tang
Who built the great city of Chang'an?
a) The Tang Dynasty b) The Sui Dynasty c) The Qin Dynasty d) The Mongol Dynasty
Portugal was the first European country to make contact with which Asian civilization?
a) China b) Japan c) Australia d) New Zealand
What was an example of Japanese culture prospering under Tokagawa?
a) Porcelain b) Brahma c) Haiku d) The Printing Press
Which of the following are mountains found in the north of India?
a) Mt. Fuji b) Ganges c) Mt. Kilamanjaro d) Himalayas
What was the capital of India under the Mughal Empire?
a) Timur b) Dehli c) Bombay d) Kyoto
What is another name for a Muslim ruler?
a) Emperor b) Sultan c) Akbar d) Caesar
How to Bi Sheng contribute to the legacy of China?
a) Printing Press b) Silk Paintings c) Ceramics d) All of them
Which of the following is true about the Mongol ruler Kublai Khan?
a) All of them b) He never conquered or ruled Japan c) His Yuan Dynasty ruled China d) He hosted Marco Polo
What is a system that hires people on the basis of their ability to do the job?
a) Dynastic System b) Feudal System c) Spoiler System d) Merit System
Which of the following would describe the geography of Japan?
a) Archipelago b) A chain of Islands c) Rugged Mountains probably formed from volcanoes and earthquakes d) All
Who were peasant warriors paid by nobles to defend them?
a) Samurai b) Warlords c) Shoguns d) Serfs
What is an economic system in which poor people are legally bound to landowners?
a) Dynastic System of Rule b) Feudalism c) Kyoto Rule d) Merit System
What is the strict code followed by the Samurai?
a) Spoils System b) Code of Ethics c) Bushido d) Chivalry
Which Chinese city did the Japanese model Kyoto after?
a) Hong Kong b) Peking c) Bejing d) Chang'An
Which dynasty of Japan provided peace and stability to Japan?
a) Yuan b) Song c) Kyoto d) Heian
Which Asian country would most likely fit under the description of isolation?
a) Japan b) China c) India d) All of them
Which of the following was an important body of water to India?
a) The Arabian Sea b) The Bay of Bengal c) The Ganges River d) All of them
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