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Two healthy parents produce a child with a genetic disorder. What is the best explanation for this?
a) it was caused by the babies environment b) crossing over occurred c) there was a genetic mutation d) both parents carried the recessive gene
Which genetic disorder can be identified by a karyotype?
a) Tay-Sachs Disease b) Hemophilia c) Down's Syndrome d) Sickle cell anemia
A heterozygous Blood type A man marries a heterozygous Blood type B woman. What is the chance thier child will be type AB
a) 0% b) 25% c) 50% d) 75%
Which are examples of sex-linked traits
a) hemophilia b) sickle cell anemia c) hemophilia & red-green color blindness d) red-green color blindness
In a pedigree, a circle represents a
a) female b) male c) child d) parent
In a pedigree, roman numerals represent
a) marriages b) generations c) siblings d) years
In a predigree, a carrier is represented by a
a) a triangle b) non-shadded circle or square c) half shaded circle or square d) full shaded circle or square
A karyotype that contains an extra chromosome enhibits what genetic disorder
a) triploidy b) trisomy c) monosomy d) addition
A karyotype that is missing a chromosome enhibits what genetic disorder
a) monosomy b) trisomy c) triploidy d) deletion
Meiosis results in
a) 2 diploid cell b) 2 halpoid cells c) 4 haploid cells d) 4 diploid cells
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