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Egypt's first pharaoh
a) Menes b) Ramses c) Khufu d) Tut
title used by rulers of Egypt
a) pharaoh b) king c) emperor d) president
imaginary creature with the body of a lion and the head of another animal
a) sphinx b) obelisk c) pyramid d) temple
people from rich and powerful families
a) nobles b) farmers c) cataracts d) merchants
specially treated bodies wrapped in cloth
a) mummies b) corpses c) bandage men d) croakers
a long-lasting paper-like material made from reeds
a) papyrus b) hieroglyphics c) sphinx d) wool
tall, 4-sided pillar that has a point on top
a) obelisk b) sphinx c) pyramid d) monument
a system of people in different lands who trade goods
a) trade network b) cable network c) authority d) contracts
Items sent out to other regions
a) exports b) imports c) seaports d) deltas
Goods brought in from other regions
a) imports b) exports c) clothing d) engineering
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