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What are pyramids?
a) Royal tombs with 4 triangle-shaped sides that meet in a point on top b) temples where the people are allowed to come and pray c) warehouses where surplus food is stored d) stone tombs with 4 rectangular sides
Who would the people blame if crops failed or disease struck?
a) pharaohs b) priests c) scribes d) wealthy farmers
Why was the Nile valley well suited for settlement?
a) The geography supported various desert plants and birds. b) The geography includes many areas to farm. c) The geography helped unify the country. d) The geography had many areas to hunt.
The political order of Egypt around 3200BCE was based on __________.
a) wealthy farmers who emerged as leaders b) priests who helped build trade routes c) wealthy fishermen who emerged as leaders d) merchants who helped build trade routes
What did the first pharaoh name his capital city?
a) Memphis b) Nekhen c) Pe d) Sinai
What job employed most people in Egypt?
a) farmer b) scribe c) merchant d) architect
What two regions did the Nile River flow through?
a) Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt b) Mesopotamia c) Eastern Egypt and Western Egypt d) Nubia and Cairo
Which of the following beliefs was central to Egyptian religion?
a) the afterlife b) the pyramids c) the pharaohs d) the heavens
Which of the following did NOT cause social classes to appear during the Old Kingdom?
a) need for government officials b) increase in farming c) Sumerian influences d) increase in population
Define dynasty.
a) a collection of kings b) a collection of queens c) series of rulers from different families d) series of rulers from the same family
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