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To barter means to
a) sell b) buy c) trade d) destroy
Five Haudenosaunee nations agreed to follow the constitution's rules.
a) True b) False c) d)
How did the coming of Europeans change life for the Cherokee?
a) Europeans battled the Cherokee for land and resources b) Europeans showed the Cherokee how to use natural resources c) Europeans gave the Cherokee a constitution. d) Europeans taught the Cherokee how to hunt.
The rivers in Northern California provided the Yurok with what kind of fish?
a) trout b) salmon c) catfish d) whiting
What region of the United States did the Cherokee primarily live?
a) Northeast b) Southwest c) Northwest d) Southeast
Name one crop that Cherokee did NOT grow in the piedmont.
a) Corn b) Cabbage c) Squash d) Pumpkins
An effect is what happens as a result of a cause
a) True b) False c) d)
What was one effect of the Peacemaker visiting the Haudenosaunee nations?
a) Many died in battle. b) They created more weapons. c) They kept fighting over the land. d) They formed a new government.
Which group experienced long and cold winters?
a) Cherokee b) Haudenosaunee c) Yurok d)
Which American Indians lived in a moist and warm climate?
a) Cherokee b) Haudenosaunee c) Yurok d)
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