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What protects Earth from UV radiation and space debris?
a) Hydrosphere b) Watersphere c) H20sphere d) Atmosphere
what does mars have at its poles?
a) small furry mammals b) ice caps c) sulfuric acid caps d) fossils
What is the name of the volcano on Mars thats larger than Mt. Everest?
a) Olympus Mount b) Olympus Sun c) Olympus Mons d) Olympus Moon
What color is Mars' surface and why
a) Red - sulfuric acid b) Blue - methane gas c) Red - methane gas d) Blue - sulfuric acid
What is between Mars and Jupiter
a) Earth b) Oort cloud c) Kuiper belt d) Asteroid belt
What are the outer planets called?
a) Terrestrial planets b) Rockies c) Gas giants d) Gas lords
Why can't we land a spaceship on one of the outer planets?
a) No solid surface b) Too thick of an atmosphere c) Too hot d) Too cold
What is the name of the huge hurricane on Jupiter?
a) Great blue spot b) Great purple spot c) Great magenta spot d) Great red spot
Why is Saturn still considered to be forming?
a) It's getting larger b) More rings are being added c) Helium is falling to the center giving off radiation d) Scientists don't know why
What do we call Uranus and Neptune?
a) Magenta giants b) Red giants c) Blue giants d) Purple giants
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