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Reproduction from a male sperm cell and female egg cell
a) sexual b) asexual c) regeneration d) molting
Fertilization that occurs outside female body
a) internal b) external c) asexual d) sexual
An animal developing from a part of the original animal
a) molting b) asexual c) sexual d) regeneration
Larva is the _____ stage of metamorphosis.
a) first b) third c) second d) last
stages a living thing undergoes from generation to generation
a) life cycle b) life stages c) no correct answer giving d)
Fertilization that occurs inside female body
a) internal b) external c) molting d) regeneration
Complete metamorphosis has ____ stages
a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4
A living thing producing more of its own kind is
a) reproduction b) molting c) no correct answer giving d)
Reproduction from one parent
a) sexual b) asexual c) molting d) no correct answer giving
When an animal sheds its exoskeleton it is called
a) regenation b) fertilization c) reproduction d) molting
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