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What is bandwidth?
a) the rate at which signals are sent b) the order in which signals are sent c) the strength of signals being sent d) the type of signals being sent
Bandwidth is measured in
a) bytes per second b) bites per second c) bots per second d) bits per second
In contrast to twisted-pair cable, coaxial cable
a) consists of two parallel copper wires b) can carry much more data c) is less expensive d) requires repeater stations to strengthen communication signals
_____________ is used to transfer Web pages to computers.
a) FTP b) HTTP c) TCP d) POP
802.11 Protocol is also known as __________.
a) FTP b) HTTP c) Wi-Fi d) POP
__________ is used to transmit and receive large files.
a) HTTP b) POP c) Wi-Fi d) FTP
The _________ bit checks for errors.
a) start b) parity c) stop d) none of the above
The __________ directional protocol allows data to flow in both directions at the same time.
a) full-duplex b) half-duplex c) simplex d) none of the above
A ___________ is a set of rules and procedures for exchanging information among computers on a network.
a) bridge b) gateway c) protocol d) none of the above
Each networked client computer must contain a _____________.
a) ISP b) NIC c) FTP d) Gateway
A _______________ consists of hardware and/or software allowing communication between two similar networks.
a) protocol b) node c) bridge d) gateway
A _____________ is hardware and/or software that allows communication between dissimilar networks.
a) bridge b) gateway c) router d) repeater
A __________ is an electronic device, usually found in large networks, that joins two or more networks.
a) bridge b) gateway c) router d) repeater
A ___________ is a specially designed electronic device that receives signals along a network, amplifies them, and then sends them along the network's communication path.
a) bridge b) gateway c) router d) repeater
In a __________ topology, multiple computers and peripheral devices are linked to a central hub.
a) star b) ring c) bus d) pyramid
In a ______________ topology, there is no hub and each computer is connected to two or more other devices in a circular path.
a) star b) ring c) bus d) pyramid
Each network component is called a ___________.
a) node b) LAN c) server d) station
A(n) __________ is a network that is housed within an organization to serve internal users.
a) extranet b) WWW c) intranet d) internet
Networks can be classified by their __________.
a) architecture b) relative distances they cover c) the users they are designed to support d) all of the above
A ___________ spans a large geographical area.
a) WAN b) LAN c) PAN d) TAN
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