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an area of land that's wet or marshy is called this -
a) swamp b) watershed c) river d) ocean
a body of water surrounded by three sides of land is -
a) a bay b) a peninsula c) a river d) a lake
Which of the following is the best definition of a peninsula?
a) a large area of salt water b) a body of water compeltely surrounded by land c) a body of water surrouneded by three sides of land d) a piece of land surrounded by three sides of water
What do we call an area of flat land that borders water?
a) a peninsula b) a bay c) a coastal plain d) a river
The Potomac, Rappahannock, York, and James are all examples of -
a) oceans b) rivers c) bays d) lakes
What completely surrounds Lake Drummond?
a) Eastern Shore b) Chesapeake Bay c) Dismal Swamp d) Fall Line
The imaginary line that splits the Coastal Plain region from the next region is known as the -
a) fall line b) watershed c) swamp d) lake
When people visit an area of for fun and spend money on things like food and hotels, it's called -
a) a product b) fishing c) shipbuilding d) tourism
Which of the following is the best description of a watershed?
a) a snake-like body of water that ends in a bay or ocean b) a large body of salt water c) an area of land that drains into a river or another body of water d) a good or service that's sold for money
A group of businesses connected to a product is known as a(n) -
a) industry b) product c) tourist d) body of water
Peanuts and Seafood are examples of -
a) industries b) landforms c) products d) bodies of water
All Virginia's major rivers flow directly into -
a) the Atlantic Ocean b) the Potoman River c) the Eastern Shore d) the Chesapeake Bay
The Eastern Shore is an example of a(n) -
a) ocean b) peninsula c) lake d) bay
All of the following are natural resources of the Coastal Plain except -
a) clay b) sand c) coal d) gravel
Which of the following is not an industry of the Coastal Plain?
a) mining b) military bases c) shipbuilding d) tourism
What's one way that people harm the Chesapeake Bay?
a) passing laws b) recycling c) pollution d) throwing away trash correctly
Who explored and surveyed the Dismal Swamp and thought it was useful?
a) Colonel William Byrd b) Thomas Jefferson c) John Adams d) George Washington
The Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean helped Indians and the Europeans with all of the following except -
a) tourism b) travel c) food d) shelter
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