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To multiply two cells in Excel, I double click where I want the answer to be, and then:
a) Click on the Sigma sign and the total will be added at the next cell after the selected cells. b) Use my calculator to add everything and then type the answer in. c) Put in this formula: =B2*C2 d) Tell Bob that I do not know how to add.
To have Excel fill in any numbers, letters or formulas into other cells, I should:
a) Select a cell, next click the BLACK plus sign on bottom right and drag it as far as I want to be filled in. b) Select a cell, next click the WHITE plus sign on bottom right and drag it as far as I want it to be filled in. c) Select a cell, next click the Surfing Cross sign on bottom right and drag it as far as I want it to be filled in. d) Ask Bob to do it for me
In Excel, to teach numbers to be money/currency, I should:
a) Select the row/column, then right click/choose format cells/ choose number/choose currency/change symbol to $ b) Type in the $ myself on each and every cell. c) Have Bob give me more money. d) Type in $10.00
To make changes on all of the cells in an Excel spreadsheet, I need to select all cells by:
a) Clicking in the top left box b) Right clicking on any box c) Left clicking on any box d) Click format cells.
Most money in the world is being calculated and tracked in Excel Spreadsheets. Most employers will expect me to be able to:
a) Call Bob and tell him to put the calculations into my spreadsheets. b) Cry because I did not listen to lessons on how to use Excel spreadsheets. c) Add and multiply within an Excel spreadsheet. d) Do all calculations in my head.
a) b) c) x d)
a) x b) c) d)
a) x b) c) d)
a) x b) c) d)
If a student gets As, Bs, and high Cs, they will not have to pay so much money for college because:
a) They will not need to go to college because their grades indicate they know everything. b) They can tell Bob that he needs to go back to Kindergarten. c) They will know how to use Excel spreadsheets. d) They can earn scholarships which will pay for all or some of their college costs.
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